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CR3001 Double Flange Roller, Cat D3B/C/G, D4B/C/G/K (3T4353)

CR3001 Double Flange Roller, Cat D3B/C/G, D4B/C/G/K (3T4353)

$ 228.00

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Common Replacement Applications: Please confirm fitment by machine make, model and serial number prior to ordering.

Caterpillar 931 78U
Caterpillar 931-LGP 10N
Caterpillar 931B 25Y, 29Y, 4SC
Caterpillar 931B-LGP 26Y, 30Y, 6EC
Caterpillar 931C 6AJ, 7HF, 9AG
Caterpillar 931C-LGP 2AK, 5LG, 6RF, 8AF
Caterpillar 933 8FL
Caterpillar 933-LGP 9EL
Caterpillar 933C 4MS1-Up
Caterpillar 933C-LGP 5JS
Caterpillar 935B 3DF
Caterpillar 935C 5DJ, 8CF
Caterpillar D3 79U
Caterpillar D3-LGP 6N
Caterpillar D3B 23Y, 27Y, 2PC, 3YC
Caterpillar D3B-LGP 24Y, 28Y, 5MC
Caterpillar D3C 3RF, 4HJ, 4KS, 5KG, 6SL, 7JG
Caterpillar D3C-LGP 6PF, 7JF, 7XL, 8BF, 8DG, 9TS
Caterpillar D3C-LGP 1PJ, 4TS, 5CJ, 5GS, 5ZG
Caterpillar D3C-XL 4KS
Caterpillar D3G-LGP BYR, CFC, CFF, JMH
Caterpillar D4B 1SG, 2XF
Caterpillar D4C 1FW, 1RJ, 2CJ, 4LS, 6BS, 7KG, 7SL, 8CS
Caterpillar D4C-LGP 9BG
Caterpillar D4C-XL
Caterpillar D4G CFN, FDC, HYD, TLX
Caterpillar D4K-LGP RRR
Caterpillar D4K-XL MMM
Cedar Rapids CR461
CMI C250
New Holland DC80-LGP
New Holland DC80-LT

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