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CR5572 Single Flange Roller (1175045)

CR5572 Single Flange Roller (1175045)

$ 246.00

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Common Replacement Applications: Please confirm fitment by machine make, model and serial number prior to ordering.

Caterpillar 315 4YM, 3ZM
Caterpillar 315B 1SW
Caterpillar 315BL 3AW
Caterpillar 315C CFB, CFL, CJC, CFT, ANF
Caterpillar 315CL CJC
Caterpillar 315DL CJN, BYK, KBD, NCM
Caterpillar 315L 6YM
Caterpillar 316EL DZW, WZY, YZZ
Caterpillar 317 4MM
Caterpillar 317BL 9WW
Caterpillar 317BLN 6DZ
Caterpillar 317N 9SR
Caterpillar 318B 3LR
Caterpillar 318BL ADC
Caterpillar 318BL 5BJ
Caterpillar 318BN 7KZ, AEJ
Caterpillar 318C BTG, FAA, CWP, DAH
Caterpillar 318CL GPA, MDY
Caterpillar 319CL KGL
Caterpillar 319D BZH,DAY
Caterpillar 319DL EAW
Caterpillar 319DLN FMH
Caterpillar 320 4ZJ, 7KW, 8LK, 3RK, 7GJ, 3XM
Caterpillar 320B 3MR, 4SF, 4XW, 5BR
Caterpillar 320BL 9WS, 4MR, 6CR, 5GW, 5CS, 7JR, 6LW
Caterpillar 320C MAA
Caterpillar 320C BPR, MAB, BCB, BCN, FBA, RAW, CCD, APA, BDC, AKH
Caterpillar 320C AMC, BEF, CLM, EGA, SBN, FBB, BPR, GNG
Caterpillar 320CL ALF, ALX, ANB, BDB, BDE, BEA, BER, BKK, BRX, CLZ
Caterpillar 320CL EAG, GAA, GAB, GLA, HBC, HKT,  JPL, KBB, PAA, PAB
Caterpillar 320D AMR, AZR, BWZ, BZP, CXY, DFT, EBT, FAL, GKL, GMX
Caterpillar 320D JFZ, JGZ, KLM, KTF, MCH, RBL, SNS, YDS
Caterpillar 320DL A8F, A9F, DHK, FNA, KGF, MDE, PHX, SPN, WJN
Caterpillar 320DL-N WBN
Caterpillar 320DL-RR EBY, FXK, TAE, XCK, ZGB
Caterpillar 320EL TNJ, WBK
Caterpillar 320EL-RR PNL, TFX
Caterpillar 320L 4JM, 4BK, 8HJ, 9KK, 5CS, 1TL, 1KL, 3XK, 4MR
Caterpillar 320N 9WG, 1XM
Caterpillar 321C DAX
Caterpillar 321CL MCF
Caterpillar 321DL-CR MDT, NAS, PBD
Caterpillar 323DL BYM, JLG, NDE,PBM, SDC
Caterpillar 323DLN CYD, RAC
Caterpillar E200B 4SG, 6KG
Caterpillar EL200B 5EG, 7DF
Ingersoll Rand DM30
Timbco T415B

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