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CR6089 Double Flange Roller, Cat D6D, D6H, D6R, D6T (1205766, 1181618)

CR6089 Double Flange Roller, Cat D6D, D6H, D6R, D6T (1205766, 1181618)

$ 442.00

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Common Replacement Applications: Please confirm fitment by machine serial number prior to ordering. 

Note: These are standard undercarriage parts, these ARE NOT Cat System One Rollers, those are OE Caterpillar only.

Case 1850K-LGP
Case 1850K-LT
Case 1850K-XLT
Caterpillar 955L 71J, 57M, 13X, 64J, 85J
Caterpillar 963 29S, 18Z, 6Z, 29S
Caterpillar 963-LGP 11Z, 48Z, 21Z
Caterpillar 963B 9BL
Caterpillar 963C 2DS, BBD
Caterpillar 963D LCS
Caterpillar D6D 19X, 1Y, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6HC, 75W
Caterpillar D6D-LGP 6X
Caterpillar D6E 2MJ, 8FJ
Caterpillar D6G 3SR
Caterpillar D6H 1FJ, 2KD,3ED,3ZF, 4LG, 4RC, 4YF, 6CF, 7PC, 8KB
Caterpillar D6H-LGP 1KD, 2TG, 3YG, 4GG, 5HF, 6FC, 8FC, 8YC
Caterpillar D6H-XL 8SK, 8ZJ, 9KJ, 9LK, 9RK
Caterpillar D6H-XR 1YL, 2BL, 2TL, 5KK, 6CK, 7ZK
Caterpillar D6R 2HM, 2YN, 3ZN, 4FM, 5PR, 6FR, AEM, AFM, BLE, BMK,BLT, BNL, BPM, BRJ
Caterpillar D6R Series III HCD, GMT, JEK, DHL
Caterpillar D6R-LGP ADE, ACJ, BNC, BPZ, BPP, AFD, 4HN, 4TR, 6GR, 7AR, 8LN, 8TM, 9PN
Caterpillar D6R-XL AAX, AEP, AGM, FDT, CAD, DAE, BMY, BMJ, BRE, BRZ, BPS, 4JR, 4MN, 4WR, 5LN, 5RR, 6MR, 7GR, 9BM
Caterpillar D6R-XL Series III GJB, LFM, HKE, RFC
Caterpillar D6R-XR 6JN, 6HR, 7CR, 7DR, 7KN, 8HR, 9MN, 8XN
Caterpillar D6R-XW DMP
Caterpillar D6R-XW Series III MRT, DPS, HDC, MTJ
Caterpillar D6T JHB, SMC, PEZ
Caterpillar D6T-LGP JWD, LKJ, SNK, WCG, KSB
Caterpillar D6T-XL GCT, LAE, LAY, WFH, ZEB
Caterpillar D6T-XW DJG, LBD, RLW, SKL
John Deere 755D/K
John Deere 850C
John Deere 850C-LGP
John Deere 850C-WT 
John Deere 850J
John Deere 850J-LGP
John Deere 850J-LT
John Deere 850J-WLT
John Deere 850J-WT
John Deere 850K
John Deere 850K-LGP
John Deere 850K-LT
John Deere 850K-WLT
John Deere 850K-WT
Liebherr LR634
Liebherr PR734XL
New Holland DC180-LGP
New Holland DC180-LT
New Holland DC180-PS
New Holland DC180B-LGP
New Holland DC180B-LT
New Holland DC180B-XLT

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