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14-17.5 OTR Outrigger 14-Ply TL Tire T51414175

14-17.5 OTR Outrigger 14-Ply TL Tire T51414175

$ 451.00

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New 14-17.5 (14X17.5) OTR Outrigger 14-Ply TL Tire T51414175

Outrigger Tires

The OTR Outrigger is a premium quality directional tire designed with stiff sidewalls, flat contact surface, wide shoulders and a durable rubber compound that provides longer life while operating on asphalt, concrete and gravel applications.

The OTR Outrigger tire line is without a doubt OTR's most popular tire offering due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance in a wide variety of equipment applications!

The OTR Outrigger tire's main design features are:
  • Directional R4 tread designed provide good traction in a variety of ground operating conditions. Wider tire lugs designed to give maximum surface contact. Benefit: the tire has excellent wear characteristics as well as superior traction in mud, sand and gravel.
  • Two ply heavier construction than most comparable construction tires. Benefit: improved wear and stability.
  • Reinforced tire bead area. Benefit: protection from bead and lower sidewall damage.
  • Flat profile tire design. Benefit: More surface contact area resulting in increased tread wear, longer tire life and increased stability in applications where required.
  • Rubber compound blend that is chip and cut resistant. Benefit: increased wear, stability and puncture resistance.
  • Rim Guard design with heavy tire side walls. Benefit: protects the rim flange and protection from side wall penetration.

Common Applications:  Aerial Work Platform Tires (AWP)

*Photos may not feature the most current design
**Materials and specifications subject to change without notice

TT= Tube Type, to be fitted with an inner tube. TL= Tubeless, may be fitted with or without an inner tube.

Sold individually (each).  Tubes sold separately. Wheels sold separately.

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